Our consultation has now closed. The information below is for reference only.


Why are we consulting?

We are running this consultation to gather feedback from local people about the future locations of acute mental health beds for people of working age. We would like to hear what you think about our ideas.

We also want to tell you about the new and enhanced community-based services which will be in place as soon as we have recruited the people to run them.

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Our vision for mental health services

Working with several mental health charities and medical professionals we have designed a new mental health service model to support people better in the early stages of their illness or condition. Wherever we can, we want to help people stay well, and get treatment as early as possible when they need it.

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A new mental health model of care

Two key benefits of our new model are to help people earlier on so they won’t need to be admitted to an acute ward and, when they are admitted, to provide stronger support after discharge.

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What changes are being considered?

We are considering changing the location of the acute mental health ward at Wells for people aged between18-65 years and moving it to Yeovil.

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Is this about saving money or closing beds?

No. These changes will not mean any fewer mental health beds in Somerset and they are not intended to save money. They are about using our money and staff in better ways, to make a better, safer service.

Q&As – Acute Mental Health Inpatient Services for People of Working Age

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